11 Deadly Diseases You Can Get When Travelling Within US and Abroad

No matter where you travel, you run the risk of picking up some nasty and potentially deadly diseases. You can even get some nasty diseases in the United States. Many people are scared of Ebola or one of the bleed-from-every-orifice-and-die diseases. The likelihood of one of those catching you is pretty rare for the average tourist.

Here we have eighteen diseases that you can catch whether you stay home or travel. You might be surprised to learn that you are at risk just by talking to a sick person.

And if you haven’t gotten all your childhood shots, you might want to stay home and hide under your bed. Enjoy these eleven categories of really nasty, easily contractible diseases!

1. Leptospirosis 

Leptospirosis occurs anywhere there are animals, particularly rodents. It is acquired through contact with infected soil, water, food, or other urine-covered items.

Symptoms include head and muscle aches, jaundice, vomiting, diarrhea, and skin rash. If the infection is more severe, you could end up with kidney failure, meningitis and lung issues.

You can get leptospirosis from swimming in contaminated lakes and reservoirs. In cities, infections commonly come from splashing through puddles, and contaminated food and water. Dirty hands or open cuts or wounds also allow infection.

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