11 Worst Drinks For Arthritis

When you have arthritis, inflammation is the enemy. Any food known to cause inflammation is better avoided unless you want to pay for it later with a painful flare-up. But it’s not just food. Your daily beverages can be the sneaky culprits behind inflammation as well.

And because drinks don’t need much in the way of digestion, they can cause a reaction faster than what you eat. That is, quite literally, a pain. However, it can also help you more easily determine which thing it was that caused the flare-up.

Not all arthritis sufferers experience these beverages the same way, but it’s important that you experiment with each of them in turn to find out what works and doesn’t work for your arthritis.

Following are the 11 beverages most likely to cause painful arthritis symptoms.

1. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks top the list because there is nothing good about them. The caffeine is at a level so extreme it has been linked to seizures and heart attacks. Add in several times the amount of sugar found in sodas and you’ve got a drink that is not safe to consume for anyone.

When it comes to arthritis, both sugar and caffeine can cause inflammation. Caffeine in particular has been found to trigger gout attacks. Energy drinks are also highly acidic, and some research indicates that highly acidic drinks can strip your bones of necessary calcium and hasten the degradation of joints.

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