7 Best Herbs For Natural Kidney Cleansing

Your kidneys do a lot of important jobs, and if you don’t keep them healthy, it puts you at risk of dangerous conditions like renal failure or kidney cancer. The primary and best-known function of kidneys is to filter blood and excrete liquid waste. But they do a lot more than that.

Kidneys help control your blood pressure because they require an optimal pressure level to do their work. That means that kidneys are able to either raise or lower blood pressure as needed via a hormone called renin that constricts blood vessels.

Kidneys have cleansing as their prime directive, and don’t therefore need an external detox aid. That said, there are some ways to relieve strain on your kidneys so they can do their best work.

Eating lots of healthy food and staying well hydrated is most important. After that, there are certain herbs that kidneys love. Wait until you see #5 – it’s shockingly easy to get but you probably never thought of eating it before!

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