7 Workout Mistakes to Avoid for Maximum Muscle and Strength Gains

Building a solid physique with well tones muscles is the dream of every man who walks into the gym. It takes tons of commitment and discipline to get the perfect body.

Attaining discipline in the gym is probably the hardest thing for many bodybuilders. Many will make small mistakes which slow down their progress towards achieving their bodybuilding goals.

Here are 7 mistakes you should look out for and avoid.

Hitting the weights without warming up and stretching

It’s natural to try and avoid warm up and stretching sessions. They can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour.

However, these sessions are crucial to ensuring that you minimize risk of injury or strained muscles.

Warming up and stretching helps to increase blood flow to your muscles. It also releases any tension and prepares your muscles for a grueling session lifting weights.

Lifting more than you can handle

Bulking up and building strength calls for lifting heavy weights. But it’s important that you know your limits. Lifting excessively heavy weights can easily cause muscle tears and sore joints.

It also increases risk of getting a long term injury which will slow down your bodybuilding progress.

Working out on the bench solo

Bench presses and flys are among the most popular gym workouts. However, it’s common to find people working out without a partner.

Regardless of the weight or reps you’re performing, it’s always advisable to have a partner with you while working out on the bench.

This way, you’ll always know that the weight won’t come crushing onto your chest when fatigue kicks in.

Leaving weights on the floor

One of the rules in every gym is to leave weights on the racks. This ensures that accidents within the gym are minimized.

Performing more sets than planned for

There are days when you simply don’t feel like completing all sets. On other days, you want to perform an extra two or three sets. Doing more sets doesn’t automatically guarantee faster gains.

The opposite is likely to happen. Overtraining your muscles might slow down their growth.

Not observing a healthy workout diet

If your goal is to build muscle fast, you’ll need to fuel your body with the right food. A healthy workout diet that includes a rich blend of protein, fats, carbs and vitamins will be necessary.

You’ll also need to space out your meals such that your body gets the most nutrients out of any single meal.

Finally, you’ll also have to carry along some pre-workout and post-workout meals with you when you head to the gym. Just don’t eat them within the gym.

Working out every day

The true secret to building lean muscle mass is having several rest days in between your workout days. At most, you should work out 5 days each week with 2 days left for rest.

Rest days allow your muscles to repair themselves prompting growth. In addition, taking days off to rest minimizes risk of injury because your muscles will be well recovered when you head to the gym.

Reaping maximum benefits from workouts requires you follow a well laid out bodybuilding plan. It also requires you avoid committing small mistakes such as those mentioned.

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