Eat Spirulina Every Day to See These 7 Things Happen to Your Body

3. Lower Cancer Risk, Especially Oral Cancer

A diet high in antioxidants, regardless of their source, will always impart some protection against cancer. But spirulina in particular may go further. Research shows that spirulina is especially effective against oral cancer. In a study of people with precancerous lesions in their mouths, just 1 gram of spirulina per day caused the lesions to disappear in 45% of the active group. By comparison, only 7% of the control group saw their lesions resolve. Interestingly, when the people whose lesions disappeared stopped taking spirulina, almost half of them had a recurrence within the next year.

Spirulina may actually better at knocking out precancerous lesions than medication. One study in particular found that 1 gram of it per day led to greater improvement than the drug used most commonly for that purpose, called Pentoxyfilline.

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