Foods That You Probably Didn’t Know Will Make You Gain Weight Fast

The best way to lose weight is through healthy, low-calorie diets as well as plenty of exercise.

But the first step is to eliminate from your diet those foods that contribute to weight gain in the first place while incorporating the ideal foods for weight loss.

However, it is not always as straightforward as it sounds. This is because some of the foods that we believe are ideal for fitness and weight loss actually contribute to weight gain.

If you are struggling to get in shape despite eliminating some foods from your diet, it is highly probable what you replaced them with foods that are actually compounding the problem.

Let us now look at some foods that people think help their fitness journey that actually contribute to weight gain.


Many people assume that just because smoothies are great for fitness and weight loss just because they are made from vegetables and fruits. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When natural products are blended with sugary syrups, frozen yogurt, and chocolate, they add to the sugar and calories that you are trying to burn.

A better alternative would be to make sure that vegetables are more than fruits in your smoothies. At the same time, use vegetables that are low in sugar such as spinach, kale and cucumber.

Avoid bananas completely as they are higher calorie fruits and are quite high in sugar.


Although research shows that eating yogurt is great for weight loss due to its protein content, you still have to be careful as it can contain a lot of sugar.

To avoid taking excess sugar with your yogurt, search for yogurt that is just flavored or contains only natural products.

You should also stop focusing too much on the calories contained in a yogurt container and check for the protein level as well.


An avocado contains mainly monounsaturated fat. It also contains small amounts of polyunsaturated fat and saturated fat.

Although it is technically a fruit, nutritionally it is a source of fat. Up to 77 percent of the calories in avocados come from fat.

If you are on a weight loss mission, make sure that you take reasonable portions when eating avocados. A quarter or half of an avocado can be considered a typical portion.

Whole milk

Milk, just like any other food, contains calories. This means that if you increase your whole milk intake, you will definitely add weight.

Although whole milk contains calories, it is great for you as it has a lot of protein, Vitamins A and D and calcium.

The best way to get the advantages of milk without adding some ponds is to choose low-fat or skim milk.


Even a small portion of cheddar can contain lots of calories. Cheddar is rich in energy density. If your diet is made up of energy-dense foods like cheddar, you are consuming too many calories.

To avoid too many calories, you need to take cheddar in smaller portions. At the same time, choose cheddar that contains unsaturated fats such as goat cheddar or feta.

Vegetable burgers

The problem with getting veggie burgers is that they will most likely be cooked in oil and packed with cheddar.

If you can make your veggie burger at home, then do it. If you have to get it at a restaurant, request them to stack it with vegetables and include no cheddar.

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