Hate Vegetables? You Can Still Lose Weight

How do you get fit, lose weight, and diet if you hate vegetables? Most diets and calorie counters have veggies as the base of their food pyramids, but if vegetables are your worst enemy, a vegetable-based diet could seem worse than the daunting face of the treadmill.

Picking the right nourishment is essential to diets and staying healthy. While vegetables have insane amounts of good nutrients, they are not for everyone.

Before cutting down on vegetables, you should try various kinds served in a variety of different ways. Perhaps a love for a vegetable could form.

Vegetables have a lower calorie count than most foods which is why they’re the first pick of dieters.

When you need cut down on calorie consumption, vegetables don’t have to be the first or most important choice for everyone.

Counting Calories:

Not knowing how many calories are in your food makes it easy to surpass your daily limit of 2000-2500 calories.

Calorie counting is generally a requirement of dieters, but veggies are not the only low-calorie foods. Egg, fish and organic foods are calorie friendly and healthy.

The main goal is to find the right calorie balance for your body type. Age, activity levels, and body types are just a few factors to consider.

Calorie restrictions could bring you down to 1500-2000 calories a day to lose a pound a week.

A Good Place to Start:

Carbohydrates that your body does not immediately use are turned into glucose – or sugar. Sugars that are still not used are transformed into glycogen.


The glycogen will store unnecessary water. The more water stored from the amount of glycogen in your body could increase your weight.

Excess sugar due to stored glycogen could add an additional three to five pounds.

A buildup of sugar and water could also lead to a danger of diabetes. The starch restriction method is a great way to eat better and lose weight.

Meaty facts about protein:

Protein – a food used to aid digestion. Low-fat meats are used by dieters to improve their digestion.

Skinless chicken, buffalo, and turkey are examples of healthy meat that contains less fat. Solid meats like ostrich and grass-sustained meat are healthiest with a diet.

Take out the take-out:

Fast food is extremely high in calories and sodium, making it unhealthy. Replace these meals with quick, easy dinners and snack on healthy treats to avoid cravings.

Chop up vegetables on the weekend if you buy them fresh or cook substantial amounts of food and freeze them for easy dinners during the week.

Try and avoid take out as much as possible and your waist line will thank you.

It is possible to diet and lose weight while avoiding vegetables. To keep a healthy balance though, do not completely remove them from your diet.

There is a reason the vegetable foods are a part of the food pyramid. Foods on the food pyramid should not be completely removed for long periods of time.

For the best weight-loss results and to be healthier, exercise should be added to every week. Dieting may be difficult at first, start out with minor changes and work your way up until you see results.

Remember that it is possible and you can do it.

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