How To Cure Dandruff Naturally

Dandruff is a medical condition caused by Malassezia a fungus that feeds on dead skin and the oily matter secreted by the scalp known as sebum.


The sebum is broken down into fatty acids causing dryness and itchiness on the scalp. Dandruff may be acute or mild depending on the level of skin sensitivity.

The dandruff causing fungus thrives in a moist environment hence it could become a nuisance when the body is exposed to excessive humidity and sweating especially during summer and monsoons.

Dandruff is a problematic and embarrassing condition that causes an all-consuming need to scratch the itchy and sensitive scalp causing unsightly white dead skin flakes that resemble “chalk powder” on the skin and hair.


1. Eating a healthy diet with more vitamin B

While specialists do not attribute dandruff entirely to a poor eating routine, they agree, nonetheless, that lack of a balanced diet in the body may trigger flare-ups.

Eating less soaked fats and trans fats is quite beneficial to the scalp. Eating foods with high rates of fat content has been observed to be a risk factor that may exacerbate dandruff.

Avoid eating cakes, full-fat dairy products, red meat and treats as much as possible.

Dandruff is also caused by lack of vitamin B complex and biotin which is responsible for the shaping of hair cells. A diet that incorporates avocados, oats, bananas, nuts and olives is rich in B vitamins.


2. Use of Apple Cider Vinegar

This treatment is an effective way to get rid of dandruff for good.

Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar eliminates microscopic organisms such as fungus on the scalp besides improving your hair soundness.

Vinegar destroys the dandruff causing parasite while expelling any dead skin obstructing the pores. During a normal bath, use natural apple juice vinegar by pouring it over the scalp and back rather than shampooing.

Rub the solution like you would with cleanser for a few minutes then flush the hair and condition the finishes. This treatment should be done for at least 1 to 2 weeks or as regularly as may be required.


3. Use of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a panacea that is widely used to treat several ailments including dandruff. It works as a fungicide while leaving a pleasant mitigating sensation on the sensitive skin.

This is specifically beneficial to those with dandruff as it soothes the itchy skin. It is important to note that tea tree oil is extremely strong and it must never be ingested thus a lot of caution is required.

To treat your dandruff, add 1 tablespoon of natural tea tree oil to some water then shake well to blend the mixture.

While in the shower, pour the solution onto your hair roots and rub it into the scalp in a circular motion while avoiding to wash off the tea tree oil from the hair.


4. Stay Outdoors often

Studies indicate that spending a lot of time in the sun reduces the chances of getting dandruff.

Try to spend at least 20 minutes every day in the sun, even during winter as this ensures that the sun’s UV rays work effectively on the skin.

Try these methods and get rid of the stubborn dandruff for good and get back the delightful hair you deserve.

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