How To Eat Fast Food In A Healthy Way

1. Fried Eggs

The next time you have a McDonald’s breakfast try avoiding the eggs. Have you ever wondered why those eggs all look the same? The shape is easily explained because the eggs are cooked in a mould.

If you cook eggs at home using a mould you can achieve a similar shape, however the yolk is still slightly curved.

The McDonald’s yolks are not slightly above the egg white. this is because liquid eggs are used that also contain preservatives and ingredients that add flavor and provide that crisp texture.

2. Poor Man’s Big Mac

Do you fancy a Big Mac taste but don’t want to pay the price? Why not try the Poor Man’s Big Mac.

It’s easy, ask for a double cheeseburger from the dollar menu, ask for some lettuce and get some Big Mac sauce and you are sorted.

A Big Mac comes with a sesame bun, that is the only difference. You will save yourself $2. Would you like fries with that?

3. The McBang

The McBang is an absolute treat that you will thoroughly enjoy. It is a McChicken sandwich in a double cheeseburger. You don’t have to stop there.

The opportunities are endless, you could have a Mcland, Air and Sea burger which includes a double cheeseburger, Fillet o’ Fish and McChicken. See where your imagination takes you.

4. Ketchup Holder

Dipping your fries can be such a messy business. Those little containers that come with your takeaway are so small that you end up spilling the ketchup as soon as you dip your first fry.

There is a solution my friends. Take your carton of fries and fold the back to create a lovely flap. It doesn’t take long to get secure. Pour your ketchup onto the flap.

The ketchup is lovely and thick so will stay on your handmade holder and you can dip away without making a mess all over the place.

5. Steamed Bun

Most McDonald’s sandwiches come with a toasted bun that are often dry and quite tasteless. Why not try asking for your next sandwich on a steamed bun? The staff are there to please after all.

McDonald’s use those for the Fillet o’ Fish sandwiches. Those are so much better, so soft and yummy. Give it a try. You will enjoy your usual sandwich so much more.

6. Unsalted Please

Have you ever wondered how long those fries have been hanging around before you have your meal?

Sometimes those fries are a bit too crispy making you feel a bit flat and not enjoying your takeaway as much as you had hoped.

A guaranteed way of getting fresh fries is to ask for unsalted fries. Did you know that as soon as McDonalds fries are made salt is added.

If you ask for unsalted fried the staff will make a fresh batch of fries for you. Now unsalted fries might not be your preferred way of eating fries.

Fear not, McDonald’s have those salt sachets that you can add to your fries. Just don’t let the staff see you otherwise they will just think that you are a bit bonkers.

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