7 Smart Ways to Save On Dental Implants

There’s no getting around it: good teeth matter. Once you are old enough to have all of your adult teeth, a gap-toothed smile is no longer considered cute. It’s unfortunate, but missing any teeth at all, or having stained and broken teeth, says to anyone who sees you that you’re poor or low class. Having beautiful straight white teeth indicates that you have enough money to maintain your choppers in a way that nature never could.

In reality, proper dental care is an expense that is out of reach of all kinds of hard-working and educated people. With the cost of living skyrocketing while wages stay stagnant, going to the dentist and investing in pricy whitening or straightening treatments often takes a back seat to more pressing expenses. It doesn’t mean you are low class. But sadly, that is the assumption that will be made by strangers.

If you need dental implants to replace damaged or missing teeth, it’ll cost you. Luckily, the price you see up front doesn’t have to be the final price. There are some clever ways to get those implants without skipping a mortgage payment. We found 7 great options; one of them may be the answer for you.

1. Dental Societies and Charitable Organizations

Dental societies are more than just groups of local dentists who get together to gossip about their patients over wine and cheese. They also host planned events to extend free or low cost dental services to low income patients. There are certain associations that offer dental care to specific demographics, such as women, children, domestic violence survivors, and people with disabilities.

To begin your search for affordable dental implants, check out the American Dental Association and their online directory – it lists dental associations by state and county. A word of advice if you are going to pursue this route: start early, as you may need to wait for a special event rather than just walk in off the street.

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