Stop Eating This After a Workout

Most of us become instant fitness experts when we begin a new workout routine, thinking we know that what we eat is good enough after workouts, but instead, we involuntarily hurt ourselves in the doing.

What we do know is that our bodies require specific nourishment to regain those burned calories post-workout. This can be achieved by consuming proteins, whole grains, and vegetables instead of fat- or sugar-charged goods.

Read into these 5 types of food you should avoid after working out described below and how they may affect your body.

Crude veggies

Although these uncooked green goodies seem like the perfect post-workout grub, they’re not the best at replenishing your system. This is due to their low-calorie count, which don’t build up to what you have already burned.

Therefore, it’s best to eat them with a yogurt-based dipping sauce or cooked as a side dish to a more protein-filled plate such as chicken.

Fried delicacies

After burning hundreds of calories during a workout, we figure that it’d be best to intake a hulking number of calories at once, but my, oh my, we can be so wrong sometimes!

Fried goods are mouthwatering carb- and fat-filled snacks that will give you a hasty energy boost but with no dietary benefits; it will take another lap around the park to burn off those unnecessary calories.

Potato chips

Given their high dosage of salt, potato chips will bring down your potassium intake, making you feel weary not too long after munching on a few, this is fatal if done after working out.

The point of post-workout food is that they bring your energies back up at a steady pace, instead of bringing it down or quickly.


Intended to be eaten as a snack, and a nightmare to post-workout diets, pizzas are widely known for their colossal calorie count, but little do we know that they can be a safety hazard if consumed after exercising.

The cheddar cheese and handled meat are hard to process and therefore will make your body feel as though it had double the workout.

Our suggested daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories, meanwhile there are about 1,200 calories in a 10-inch pizza, eating one of these can immediately trick your body into thinking you need more food, when you’ve almost consumed almost what’s needed in a day.

Pop drinks

Thirsting to wet your whistle with one of these crisp and sugar-filled pop drinks is normal right after working out.

Our body seeks to be replenished of its liquids and nothing seems more perfect at the moment than carbonated refreshment.

Given they’re packed with sugars, chemicals, and calories, the most they will most likely make you feel like you need more liquids.

It’s fine to consume some sweets, but not too much since they can give you cavities, but right after working out, this is the one food you need to avoid.

If you have no other choice apart from water to rehydrate, you may want to try out alternatives that contain a steady amount of proteins or carbs, such as a glassful of low-fat milk.

Now that you’ve been informed, it’s best if you gently put down those scrumptious and cheesy Doritos and that fizzy Mountain Dew to start living a more healthier and fulfilling post-workout life.

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