What Can Happen To Your Body If You Eat Pizza

What actually happens in your body when you eat pizza?

Pizza… yum. Lovely cheese, tangy meat, a few veggies, all baked into luscious richness. It’s the staple food of children, teens and college students. Pizza day is the most popular day at school and it’s something even the pickiest eaters enjoy.

You might guess it is all bad, but there are actually some benefits to eating pizza. The good is more than just in the taste!

We’ll also give you some tips for creating a healthier pizza that will still taste just as good. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to make a healthier pizza and number 4 is the simplest solution!

The Crust

Starting at the bottom, the crust is basically white bread made with white flour. Your body processes white flour as easily as it does sugar and immediately stores it at belly fat. Commercial crusts often use trans fats (hydrogenated oils). Those are very bad for hearts and contribute to obesity.

The olive oil drizzled on is good for you! It contains fatty acids that your body is probably desperately short of.

Try for a whole wheat, unstuffed crust. You’ll get extra fiber to help your guts better process food.

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