What To Eat For Healthy Aging


Aging is something that unfortunately happens to all of us. Everything that you do however can impact how quickly you age, both on the outside and in terms of your health.

Older people face a lot more issues than younger people so doing all you can to look/feel younger for longer is going to benefit you.

The foods you eat has a big impact on your health and introducing the following into your life is really going to make a big difference.


Studies have shown that these delicious little fruits in addition to having high levels of Vitamin C for increased health, they also have cancer fighting properties.

The polyphenolic mixes is known to be what works for cell reinforcement. In addition to this, berries in general will improve your intellect and keep your mind sharp.


This is another fruit high in Vitamin C, which not only helps as a cancer prevention – it also helps to keep still hydrated and young looking.

By consuming oranges and other fruits high in Vitamin C on a regular basis, you are going to see fewer wrinkles on your skin and feel fresher in general.


These nuts are packed full of cell reinforcements to help your body repair itself as you age. A test on rats actually showed that walnuts can even help with cognitive development.


Strawberries are another type of berry that are well worth eating regularly if you want to decrease the aging process.

They have heaps of Vitamin C and fiber which help enormously for cell reinforcement.


The final berry that has made this list and quite an underrated one is blueberries. There are many cancer prevention properties within this fruit and they are also said to increase the neurological cerebrum in the brain.

The skin is what gives so many of us away as we get older but blueberries stop your skin from maturing at such a rapid rate.

Cranberry juice

Need a new healthy drink that has anti-aging properties? Cranberry juice is perfect! With ingredients that help to prevent cancer, cranberry juice excels in other areas too.

It helps prevent plaque in the mouth and also yellowing teeth. Teeth that are white and in good condition will often make you look younger, so consume this regularly.


If you needed another excuse to eat chocolate, you have one. There is cell reinforcement properties found in cocoa, which helps with anticipating oxidative harm.

Eating pure cocoa based products, namely dark chocolate, is best for taking advantage of the anti aging benefits.


Omega-unsaturated and other good fats are found within salmon which have a positive benefit on the bones, joints and even heart.

This delicious fish also has anti-cancer properties, it’s also known to improve memory and brain health.


Last but not least on this list, you have finally found a green vegetable! Kale has many cell reinforcements which helps prevent age related diseases.


Nourishing your body with everything good is perfect for delaying the aging process. It will mean that you can grow old gracefully because you are going to feel/look healthier.

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