11 Signs of One of the Most Deadly Cancers You Are Likely to Ignore

We don’t think about our pancreas very often – it’s just six inches long and is hidden behind the stomach. It does a big job, though, helping with digestion and controlling blood sugar. When the pancreas is the source of cancer cells, it can spell disaster!

Pancreatic cancer is very dangerous because it is often asymptomatic in the beginning.

However, there are subtle clues that, taken together, can get you to the doctor in time for treatment.

For your health, scan each symptom on our list and get checked out immediately if you experience a combination of any of them.

1. Bloating

It’s pretty common to experience bloating after a meal, especially if you overindulge. It is also frequently a side effect of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

But if the bloating does not go away for several days and is not period-related, it could be a sign of pancreatic cancer. As tumors grow, they can cause the belly to distend.

Many people with pancreatic cancer reported uncomfortable abdominal swelling and feeling overly full after eating just a small amount of food.

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