15 Deadliest Foods You Eat Everyday

There’s an old saying, we are what we eat. And it couldn’t be more true. Every single day we consume a huge variety of foods, many of which contains dangerous toxic additives.The effect may not be noticeable immediately, but over time, these ingredients pile up in our body and may lead to a heart attack or a cancer diagnosis.

Here are some of the potentially deadliest foods you may be eating every day. Pay special attention to food number 11, since this one is something pretty much everyone of us consumes every day..

1. Soda and energy drinks

Soda is known to cause weight gain, especially if it contains lots of sugar (which most sodas do!). Extra weight may, in turn increase your risks of cancer, heart attack, diabetes, etc.
Yet millions consume soda every day without even thinking of possible consequences.

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2. Margarine

Margarine is often used as a butter replacement, yet, seems like it can be far more dangerous for your well-being.

Studies link this kind of food to an increased rate of heart diseases and cancer. Beware!

3. Processed meat

Eating processed meat, from salami to hot dogs, can increase your risk of cancer, studies say.

Especially since a lot of these products are packed with unnatural ingredients – synthetic chemicals and even known carcinogens.

4. Breakfast cereals

Although such breakfast cereals look natural and healthy and everyone loves them, they can also be extremely unhealthy.

Pay extra attention to all the ingredients, since along with excessive sugar, many of these are packed with various unnatural flavor enhancements.

5. Chips

One of the most commonly consumed snacks, these chips are extremely unhealthy. Lots of salt, fat, calories can lead to weight gain and various diseases.

One of the main concerns though is cholesterol because of the way these chips are fried.

6. Some baked goods

Main area for concern here is pre-packaged baked goods. These are often packed with hydrogenated oils, like palm and kernel, which increases your consumption of trans fat.

There are also other unnatural ingredients inside worth paying attention to.

7. Fat-free foods

Marketed as healthy alternatives, not all fat-free products are in fact healthy.

Fat is often replaced with sugar and artificial components. Consider the risks.

8. French fries

Similar to chips, this food often becomes unhealthy in the process of cooking.

Unhealthy oils can cause clogging of arteries and lead to a variety of diseases.


9. Red meat

As a whole, people often just eat too much meat nowadays, which increases the risk of cancer.

These foods are hard on your digestive system. An additional risk factor is all the unknown chemicals which could be used during farming period.


10. Cheese

Lots of people can’t even imagine ditching this from their diet. Cheese is extremely high in fat though and when paired with other calorie-dense foods, it can encourage weight gain.

An additional factor is that the varieties we find in supermarket often contain a number of potentially cancer-causing additives.

11. Ice cream

Right, what a bummer! Everyone loves Ice cream, yet consuming lots of it can lead to a risk of high cholesterol and an increased risk of diabetes.

Perhaps, look into more healthy alternatives like high quality frozen yogurt.

12. Fast and fried foods

A rule of thumb is that anything that has been cooked in unhealthy oil could certainly cause health issues.

An additional factor is that such food is highly addictive and can often be consumed in unhealthy amounts.

13. White bread

Studies show that during the making of white bread, most of the nutritional value simply goes away.

What’s left is known to spike blood sugar levels, increasing the risk of diabetes.

14. Microwave popcorn

Danger here lies within all those chemicals and toxins that can be contained in popcorn bags.

If possible, use more healthier alternatives.

15. Fruit juice

Yes, based on high fructose content fruit juice can actually be dangerous for your health. Also, lots of juices are packed with sugar, which can lead to a vast variety of issues.

Try to replace these 15 deadly foods with healthier alternatives or cut away from your diet altogether and you will be miles ahead in terms of your health. Hope this helped!

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