6 Symptoms That You Should Never Ignore

Pain is a part of life, from headaches, bruises, and seasonal bugs to the emotional pain of rejection. Most of the everyday pain we experience is temporary and not indicative of a truly dangerous condition.

That said, there are certain symptoms that may seem minor but do, in fact, require immediate medical attention.

Stick with us for six of such minor pains that may actually be a big deal.

6. Unexplained weight loss

It’s a cruel irony that something we work so hard for under normal circumstances is dangerous when it happens effortlessly. Weight loss is like that. When you are careful to take in fewer calories than you burn and get enough exercise on a weekly basis, you should experience safe weight loss of about a pound per week.

However, if you find you are dropping weight faster than that, for no reason you can determine, it may spell trouble. Various scary diseases can cause unexplained weight loss, including diabetes, liver disease, overactive thyroid, depression, and cancer. If you haven’t made a lifestyle change that could explain the loss of 10 pounds or more over six months, get into your doctor for a checkup.

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