What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Dragon Fruit Every Day

You might have noticed an odd-looking red fruit in your supermarket. It looks sort of like a mango with a skin condition – spiky fingers that look like flames or dragon scales. It is a dragon fruit or pitaya.

It may not be familiar to all Americans, but it is a popular (and healthy) food in Central America and southeast Asia. People liken the flavor to a crunchy blend of kiwi fruit and pear. The flesh ranges from white to red and is filled with edible seeds. The skin ranges from yellow to red.

The dragon fruit is the fruit from a cactus and like other cacti fruits has some terrific health benefits.

You’ll be amazed by what will happen if you eat dragon fruit once a day!

1. Lycopene Fights Cancer

The red color means that the fruit is full of lycopene. This carotenoid appears to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Lab tests show that it has stopped breast, lung, and endometrial cancer cell growth.

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