Eat Too Many Nuts and Seeds and This Can Happen

Poor Nutrient Absorption

Phytic acid, beyond putting stress on your digestive system, can actually restrict your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients. Because humans cannot digest it, the phytic acid is left free to bind with minerals like iron, magnesium, and zinc and prevent us from using them. Studies suggest that our bodies can absorb up to 20% more zinc and 60% more magnesium from food when phytic acid is not present.

Luckily, phytic acid does not leach these minerals out of our bodies, but it does “steal” them from meals in the process of digestion. It is also known to interfere with the very enzymes used to digest food. Examples include pepsin, which is used to break down proteins in the stomach, and amylase, which converts starch into fuel. Phytic acid can also inhibit use of the enzyme trypsin, which is necessary for digesting protein in the small intestine.

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