11 Signs You Are About to Have a Heart Attack

11. Chest Pain

Both men and women tend to experience chest pain. In general, chest pain may be pain or may feel like pressure, squeezing, or fullness.

The pain often comes and goes and will last a few minutes. It may occur over several days. People describe the pain differently. Men describe it as an elephant sitting on you; women as a squeezing or feeling of fullness.

Chest pain occurs when your heart is not getting enough oxygen. Take time to have it looked at!

10. Jaw, Neck or Back Pain

Both men and women generally experience some sort of pain in the arms, neck, or back. The classic radiation pain down the left arm is usually a symptom for men.

Women generally tend to feel pain in the lower abdomen, lower chest, and upper back pain. Some people will feel pain into the jaw or neck but not always.

Radiating pain may or may not be associated with chest pain. Have unexplained pain in the torso, neck or jaw checked out.

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