The Sunshine Vitamin: A Guide to Understanding Vitamin D

Keeping out of the sun is great for your skin, but what about the Vitamin D deficiency you are going to be submitting your body to?

One rarely thinks about the Vitamin D deficiency and the amazing benefits it gives to the body, but we’re here to change that.

In this post, we will look at the True Powers of Vitamin D and it’s incredible effect on the body.

6 Top Health Benefits Of Vitamin D

1. Immunity Booster

The reason that our bodies fall victim to the flu’s and other common ailments is that we don’t spend enough time in the sun as we used to.

Studies have shown that even a small dose of Vitamin D can help you fight against common ailments by more than half. If you live in a country shrouded by clouds consider asking your doctor for a prescription for Vitamin D supplements.

2. Stronger Bones

Did you know that if your diet does not contain sufficient calcium quantity your body has to rely on the calcium from your bones? Imagine what that could mean for your skeletal structure.

A healthy dose of Vitamin D helps the body absorb the right amount of calcium from foods. Although it does not directly affect your bone health, it ensures that your bones remain healthy and strong.

3. Cancer Protection

While it may seem ironic that too much direct exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer, not enough can cause cancer in the body as well.

Good exposure to sunlight has been known to help women lower the risks of ovarian cancers. Scientists are still working on finding the direct link to reduced cancer risks and Vitamin D, but so far the signs are encouraging.

4. Prevent Breathing Problems

People suffering from respiratory problems are generally suggested warmer climates and better air quality. Presence of sufficient amounts of Vitamin D exposure also helps people improve their breathing ability.

So you not only need to move somewhere warmer for the better air, but also for the sun and higher levels of Vitamin D.

5. Better Muscle Builder

When you sit out in the sunlight, your body is absorbing Vitamin D. The Vitamin D gets absorbed in your body as a steroid hormone.

While we don’t want to bore you with the scientific details, it’s important for you to know that the receptors Vitamin D links within the body help build muscle mass.

If you are looking for those bulging biceps diet and a workout isn’t the only thing you need to focus on.

6. Mood and Brain Booster

Sufficient levels of Vitamin D also help you stay in a better mood, studies say. Also, if you’re looking to hold onto your wit and intelligence even in your old age you have to ensure you take enough Vitamin D as your growing up.

Vitamin D is said to be a strong supporter of brain tissue keeping it young and keeping away neurological illnesses.


While the sun is the best source of Vitamin D, it isn’t the only source available. There are plenty of naturally occurring foods out there that can help you gain sufficient amounts of Vitamin D for your body’s requirement.

Cod Liver Oil, Oily Fish, Oysters, and Caviar are some of the best sources for Vitamin D. While it’s easy to say keep up with your Vitamin D replenishment you should also be aware of the dangers of too much direct exposure to the sun. Balance is always the key to a healthy lifestyle.





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