6 Symptoms That You Should Never Ignore

1. Chest pain

There are many causes of chest pain. Some are trivial causes and are not life threatening. However, chest pain can be a sign of fatal condition as well.

That’s why chest pain should never be ignored. It’s always advisable to visit your family doctor for further evaluation.

With that said, I will highlight some of the red flags to watch out for, if you are having chest pain.

Chest pain that is located on your left chest and radiates to your left jaw and left hand is a sign of coronary heart disease (CAD). The pain typically increases when you engage in vigorous activity.

On resting, the pain subsides, giving a false sign that everything is okay. The fact is, the pain only becomes worse over time. Eventually leading to the death of your heart muscles, which results into a fetal heart attack.

Sometimes, a blood clot occasionally gets lodged in your lungs, causing sudden onset of severe pain on chest. This is a medical emergency, hence you should be rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment.

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