Here’s Why Lemon-Honey Water Is Incredibly Good For Your Health

A mixture of lemon and honey has been controversial for quite some time now and for a good reason.

Majority of doctors who are genuine and willing to offer extensive health advice to their clients will most likely include honey or lemon in the healthy living guidance tips. So, does the mixture work and if so what are the health benefits?

Doctor and specialists from around the world have confirmed that drinking a glass of lemon-honey mixture before the day starts has immense health benefits. These health benefits include the following.

Improves gut health

One of the key steps to having a healthy life style is maintaining a healthy gut, the honey lemon mixture gives the stomach that metabolic boost it needs when you wake up.

This metabolic boost is a result of the mixture acting on the stomach walls leaving it in a stable state to digest the food you take throughout the day. The lemon juice is also beneficial when it comes to alleviating bloated gas and reflux.

Intestinal Cleansing


During digestion, some food substances tend to build up and accumulate in the digestive tracts.

Taking a glass of lemon and honey water after every meal will cleanse up all the food substances that build up after a meal.

Immunity boost

Everyone hates being sick, it keeps you from doing what you love and makes us uncomfortable. Thus, when you get a chance you should spare some time and focus on boosting your immune system.

The Vitamin C found in lemon juice yields amazing results when it comes to suppressing asthma, common cold, and influenza. Lemon extract likewise contains saponins which are essential when treating chapped skin.

Balancing acidic levels

When your body is excessively acidic, you are more likely to contract an infection.

After working out the lactic acid in the body might accumulate to dangerous levels which leave your poor body venerable to all kind of infections.

For honey-lemon water consumers, this is unheard of. The body should be at an optimal state at all times. The lemon extract is acidic by itself but the citrus and ascorbic acid found in lemons are soluble in blood, unlike other acids.

After drinking lemon water daily you will definitely feel the change in your body.

Promotes hydration

It goes without saying that the body needs to be hydrated at all times. When the body in dehydrated languor kicks in, the strain on the circulatory system increase and constipation occur more often.

Taking a decent amount of honey-lemon water is a great way to avoid all these complications.

Promotes weight loss

Lemons contain pectin and other fibers that suppress hunger when ingested consistently.

Moreover, when the mixture gets to the stomach the reaction between pancreatic catalysts and honey increases the rate of metabolism hence increases the rate of weight loss.

It’s worth mentioning that lemon and honey combine to aid in the digestion of fats in the body since citrus acid forms part of the combination.

Smoother skin

Skin blemishes and inflammations are a result of impurities in the blood. With the help of the honey, the blood is totally purified and the inflammations on the skin are subdued.

The mixture also circulates the body the entire day keeping your skin gleaming all day.

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